Valves, relief

Team Industrial Services

200 Hermann Drive

Alvin, TX 77511

United States

Phone 281-388-5551

CategoriesBolting services;Clamps, pipe line-up;Clamps, pipe repair;Closures, pipe;Coatings, pipe epoxy/plastic;Consulting;Controllers, valve;Corrosion control monitoring;Corrosion probes;Corrosion studies;Emissions control;Engineering services;Environmental consulting services;Fabrication;Facing machines, pipe;Fittings, pipe;Fittings, pipe repair;Fittings, valves: plastic;Flanges;Gas curb valves;Gaskets, packing seals;Guided ultrasonics;Heat exchangers;Hot tapping machines;Hot tapping service;Hydrostatic testing service;Inspection & non-destructive testing;Inspection, pipe in-place;Integrity management compliance;Isolation test plugs;Leak detectors;Leak repair equipment;Live insertion;Non-destructive testing;Offshore, underwater services;Pig tracking;Pig valves;Pigging surveys;Pigs, cleaning;Pigs, intelligent;Pigs, pipeline;Pipe freezing;Pipe, composite;Pipe, HDPE;Pipe, hot tapping;Pipe, inspection;Pipe, internal, inspection;Pipe, line stops;Pipe, location services;Pipe, stopples;Pipe, valve insertions;Pipe, wet tapping;Pipe, wraps, felts, fiberglass;Pipeline integrity management/compliance;Post-weld heat treatment;Pre-weld heat treatment;Saddles, pipe;Sleeves, pipeline repair;Stress testing (SCC);Tank inspection;Tanks, equipment;Test equip., ultrasonic;Thermocouples;Training/consulting services;Turbine repair;Ultrasonic inspection;Unions, pipe;Unpiggable inspection;Valve & actuator maintenance;Valve care products;Valve operators/actuators;Valve repair;Valves, angle globe;Valves, ball;Valves, butterfly;Valves, check;Valves, control;Valves, gate;Valves, line blind;Valves, needle & gauge;Valves, plastic;Valves, plug;Valves, relief;Valves, remanufactured;Valves, safety & relief;Weld inspection;Welded fittings;Welders blankets, tents;Welding supplies;Welding systems;

Energy Valve and Supply Company

8207 North Loop East #400

Houston, TX 77029

United States

Phone 713-675-7525

Fax 713-675-7535

CategoriesStrainers, pipeline;Valves, ball;Valves, butterfly;Valves, control;Valves, relief;

Mokveld Valves BV

P.O. Box 227

2800 AE Gouda,



CategoriesValves, angle globe;Valves, check;Valves, relief;Valves, safety & relief;

Rupture Pin Technology Inc.

8230 SW 8th Street

Oklahoma City, OK 73128

United States

Phone (405) 789-1884

Fax (405) 789-1942

CategoriesPressure relief devices;Rupture pins;Valve operators/actuators;Valves, relief;Valves, safety & relief;

Total Valve

1300 E. Memphis Street

Broken Arrow, OK 74012

United States

Phone (918) 258-7035

CategoriesValves, relief;

Young Engineering & Manufacturing Inc.

560 W. Terrace Drive

San Dimas, California 91773

United States

Phone 9093943225

Fax 9093943006

CategoriesPressure relief devices;Pressure vessels;Surge relievers;Valves, relief;

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