Tech Products, Inc.

105 Willow Avenue

Signs, Tags and Markers

Staten Island, NY 10305

United States

Phone 718-442-4900

Fax 718-442-2124

CategoriesCathodic protection, equip. supplies, instruments;Clothing, protective;Decals;Markers;Safety equipment;Security;Signs;Surveying equipment/supplies;Tools;

ACP International

521 N. Great Southwest Pky.

Arlington, TX 76011

United States

Phone 817-640-0992

Fax 817-633-3131


Almetek Industries, Inc.

2 Jay Drive

Hackettsttown, NJ 07840

United States

Phone 800-248-2080

Fax 908-850-9618

CategoriesDecals;Markers;Marking tape;Safety equipment;Signs;

Corrpro Companies, Inc.

1090 Enterprise Dr.

Medina, OH 44256

United States

Phone (330) 723-5082

Fax (330) 723-0694

CategoriesAmmeters, clamp on;Anode splice box;Anodes;Battery chargers, power systems & invertors;Bridges, pipeline;Casing filler;Casing insulators, pipe;Casing seals;Cathodic protection, equip. supplies, instruments;Cathodic surveys;Coating consulting/inspection;Coating thickness measuring;Coatings, pipe joint;Coatings, pipe tape;Coatings, shrink sleeve;Connectors, connections;Construction management;Consulting;Corrosion control monitoring;Corrosion monitors;Corrosion probes;Corrosion studies;Corrosion, waterproof wire connectors;Curb boxes;Data acquisition systems;Decals;Engineering services;Flange insulation;Gaskets, packing seals;Generators, thermoelectric;Inhibitors, corrosion;Inspection & non-destructive testing;Inspection, pipe in-place;Instruments;Insulating fittings;Insulation, pipe;Integrity management compliance;Leak detectors;Lightning protection;Locators, cable;Locators, pipe;Locators, walkover systems;Markers;Marking tape;Pigging surveys;Pigs, cleaning;Pigs, foam;Pigs, gel filled;Pigs, intelligent;Pigs, locators, electronic;Pigs, pipeline;Pipe protection systems;Pipeline contractor;Pipeline integrity management/compliance;Pipeline supplies;Power systems, remote;Project management;Rectifiers;Risk management;Rock shield;Saddles, pipe;Seals, mechanical;Sleeves, pipeline repair;Storage, underground gas;Surge arrestors;Survey services, distribution;Survey services, gas gathering;Survey services, transmission;Surveying equipment/supplies;Tracer wire;Training/consulting services;Valve boxes;



YORK, PA 17403

United States

Phone 717.717.1391



CategoriesDecals;Fabric, fire resistant clothing;Safety equipment;Signs;

Glasforms Inc.

3943 Valley East Industrial Drive

Birmingham, AL 35217

United States

Phone 800-778-6002

Fax 408-294-2064

CategoriesAnchors, pipeline;Decals;Markers;Signs;

Pro-Mark Utility Supply, Inc.

12464 McCann Drive

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

United States

Phone 562-906-2070

Fax 562-906-2022

CategoriesCathodic protection, equip. supplies, instruments;Decals;Markers;Pipe, HDPE;Signs;

Rhino Marking & Protection Systems

10740 Lyndale Ave S #16W

Bloomington, MN 55420

United States

Phone 800-522-4343

Fax 888-522-4343

CategoriesCathodic protection, equip. supplies, instruments;Decals;Markers;Marking tape;

Uticom Systems, Inc.

109 Independence Way

Coatesville, PA 19320

United States

Phone 610-857-2655

Fax 610-857-2986

CategoriesDecals;Markers;Safety equipment;Signs;

Vulcan Utility Signs

PO Box 1850

Foley, AL 36536

United States

Phone (800) 426-1314

Fax (251) 943-9290

CategoriesCathodic protection, equip. supplies, instruments;Decals;Markers;Signs;

William Frick & Company

2600 Commerce Drive

Libertyville, IL 60048

United States

Phone 847 918 3700

Fax 847 918 3701

CategoriesDecals;Locators, cable;Locators, pipe;Markers;Signs;

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